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Enter the world where Gorgons, a Nighteye and Acolytes exist. To the humans they are of myth and storytelling of time past. But no, they are real and ready to fight the world they live in, some together against a common cause which happens to be a king. One that not beloved by all.

The king is not popular, people are willing to go to war to invade the kingdom. Even his own brother is on the other side. A brother who is referred to as the devil due to his lack of color.

Meet the Acolytes, Matthias and Luras. One has accepted his fate, the other has not. They have been chosen by a greater power to help fight in the battle of good versus evil. Meet a young slave Finn whose love for a young woman of nobility knows no bounds as he tracks across the land to save her from the people who has taken the young woman captive.

Armies versus armies. Good versus evil. Slave, mythical creatures and a discarded King’s brother meet in this novel. Who will win and at what cost?

I am normally a reader who have some problems when the list of characters is longer than normal. There are a lot of names tossed in this book. Yet I had no problem remembering who was who. I attached myself to one of the heroes in the book, and when I was getting to the end and it appeared that he might die, I became upset with the author. I was taken with the character and that only happened due to how the author wrote him in this novel. I did get a sense of how it was going to end but it didn’t take away from the book. A good pick up in my opinion. And for someone who does not read fantasy as a norm to me this is a thumbs up.

- Sharon C. Williams

MaineMuse Blog

I'll start by saying that this book deserves every bit of praise that it has been receiving.  

Pendleton's ability to maintain control over this amazingly unique and fantastically adventurous story is awe-inspiring. He manages to introduce each character with all of their complexities, conflict, and heroism.

- Gabe Schillman

The Woodlings Blog

Author of Gabriel & the Woodlings 

I don't often review books, but A Dark Tyranny really deserves a good review. This first book, in what will undoubtedly be a masterful series, drops the reader into a fantasy world that is so clear that you can almost touch, taste and feel it. The author begins by introducing several characters that quickly find themselves struggling to survive as darkness begins to overtake the world of man. Each character is on their own path, but their stories intertwine and ultimately collide as they face the obstacles before them. This epic adventure was heart-pounding, and utterly addictive. I absolutely recommend this book!!

- K. Nossiter

from GoodReads review

Dieses Buch ist ein wirklich gelungenes Fantasy Abenteuer mit interessanten Charakteren und einer hoch spannenden Story, die von Liebe, Hass, Freundschaft und Mut erzählt.  Ich freue mich jetzt schon auf die Erscheinung des zweiten Teils.

This book is a really successful fantasy adventure with interesting characters and a fascinating story of love, hate, friendship and bravery. I am already looking forward to the publication of volume 2.

- S, Ebert

from Amazon Review

Quick read. Read it on the train to NYC. If this were a movie, I'd liken it to Kingdom of Heaven. To that end, it's got a very visual style, yet feels epic in nature. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

- D. Penn

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Time is not a luxury for me, so a book must be very compelling to draw me in. A Dark Tyranny is such a work. Its fictional world, while fantastic and mysterious, is also vivid and concrete. The characters are complex, richly developed and, as in the best novels, deeply human...despite, in this case, not always being actually human! Several distinct story lines - each of them poignant - are woven together with increasingly tighter loops. I found myself reading deep into the night, popping aspirins to combat eye strain, completely drawn in. While some of the terrain might seem occasionally familiar, this is not another derivative fantasy. C.M. Pendleton is a name you will want to remember. Pendleton has given us something fiercely original. This is fiction of a high order. Recommended!

- T. Jones

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