The Thrilling Fantasy Series that’s Captivating Readers Across the World!

C.M. Pendleton’s sequel to the immensely popular fantasy series Of Darkness & the Light. A distinctively original saga that is both epic and personal. Readers across the world have been captivated by its originality, gripping storyline, and depiction of hope during a time of war and savagery. 

“Pendleton's ability to maintain control over this amazingly unique and fantastically adventurous story is awe-inspiring. He manages to introduce each character with all of their complexities, conflict, and heroism.”

-The Woodlings Blog 
(for book one: A Dark Tyranny)

Survivors of the invasion have begun to form an army in the west. Gorgons and wolven beasts continue to rampage across the land, as even more sinister beasts are let loose to wreak havoc. A fabled relic has been discovered that releases an ancient darkness into the already war-torn world of Ehlür. The Acolytes set sail to join their brethren, but a monstrous creature of the deep sea has other plans. 

Lost in grief, Finn seeks revenge against the invaders, causing his legend to grow. 

Finn and Xander gather an army of the survivors in the west. They quickly realize that their army consists of villagers seeking refuge from the war. Finn takes what fighters they have to find vengeance. The legend of the Falcon King begins to grow across all of Altaris. Xander struggles to plan for the war, despite Finn’s constant thirst for blood. Their conflicting ideals puts them at odd, however, when gorgons begin to poison the water sources of Altaris, Finn and Xander’s army soon finds itself struggling to survive. 

The crew of the Lisbeth are pursued by a monstrous creature stalking the seas. 

Luras and the crew of the Lisbeth set sail to find their Acolyte brethren across the ocean, but soon find themselves on the run from an enormous beast of the deep sea. They must find colder water and hope their provisions outlast their pursuer. Luras finds distrust amongst members of the crew, as they wonder if the Bourne is an ill omen that will lead to their demise. 

Nylah and Desa return to Altaris to search for Finn. 

Nylah and Desa survived the sinking of a gorgon supply ship and are brought back to Altaris by the crew of the Tigress. They begin a search for Finn that leads them to joining a group of survivors that are journeying to find the fabled Falcon King. Their trek becomes more perilous as King Tellos of the Northern Realm commands his soldiers to scourer the realms for survivors. 

A small group of scouts search the lands for water and safety. 

Ellison, Amloch, and William scout the Western Realm for fresh water and safety. They are the only hope for Finn and Xander’s army that is struggling to survive. An encounter with skin-slavers divides the group. Amloch is left alone to journey across the Western Realm for any sign of water, while trying to stay one step ahead of gorgon trackers. 

Matthias finds himself in a land of shadows. 

Matthias is lost in a world of shadows, as he is reunited with his wife and son, but quickly learns that nothing is as it appears. He must decide whether to stay with his family or escape the barren world he finds himself in. 

Ruins of the West brings readers back into a vivid world full of magic, adventure, and treachery. 
Discover new alliances and experience ancient creatures that once again walk amongst mortal men. 

Continue your journey today!

C.M. Pendleton